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‘A wonderful read with quirky characters, an atmospheric setting and a heart-warming storyline. A five-star retreat from lockdown lethargy.’
Sunday Independent on Make Yourself at Home

For fans of Elenor Oliphant and ‘A Man Called Ove’, Rules of the Road is a life-affirming book that anyone with a best friend should read…Infused with warmth, humour and human understanding. An homage to life and fantastic friendships, this book will warm your heart.
Sunday Independent on Rules of the Road

‘However difficult the subject, Geraghty manages to wrap it in a blanket of benevolence, humour, and love.’
Irish Examiner on This is Now

‘My favourite author does it again in this superbly written perceptive, poignant novel that makes you laugh and cry.’
Patricia Scanlan on Now That I’ve Found You

‘A most gripping read… humorous and heartbreaking’
Image on Lifesaving for Beginners

‘Heart-breaking and funny, poignant and life-affirming’
www.novelicious.com on Lifesaving for Beginners

‘A beautifully written, somewhat whimsical and very encouraging tale about grabbing hold of life’s reins, breaking away from the monotony of a dull routine and following your dreams… emotional, joyous… I adored it’
Daily Mail on Finding Mr Flood

‘Sad, funny and wise’
Marie Claire on Finding Mr Flood

‘A perfect mix of romance and comedy… witty, sharp and intelligent’
RTE on Becoming Scarlett

‘Move over Marian, it’s Ciara… impressive and highly entertaining [with] one of the most authentic female characters I’ve read in women’s fiction for a long time… lots of biting humour and a darker side beneath the laughs’
Irish Independent on Saving Grace

‘So funny and so much fun, it’s impossible to believe it’s Geraghty’s first… Warm, moving and hilarious’
Evening Herald, Ireland on Saving Grace

‘Its characters are so real and emphatic that not only do you feel you know them, you fervently wish you did’
Irish Examiner on Saving Grace


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Ciara gives a short summary of her new novel ‘Make Yourself At Home’

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Ciara talks about starting out as a writer

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Readers discuss Finding Mr Flood and Ciara describes the inspiration for the book


Ray speaks with Author Ciara Geraghty has just released her eighth book called ‘Make Yourself at Home’.