Becoming Scarlett


Meet Scarlett O’Hara. In her life, everything goes according to plan. Until now . . . Now, Scarlett is back in her childhood home with her plan in tatters and a baby on the way, while John Smith – actuary, proper grown-up and Scarlett’s boyfriend – has left her to join an archaeological dig in a tiny village somewhere in Brazil. But that’s not the worst bit. The worst bit is she can’t be sure who the father of the baby is . . . even though she’s slept with exactly four-and-a-half men in her entire 35 years. As a distraction, Scarlett throws herself into her job as a wedding planner, but even that’s not going smoothly. Because of her growing feelings for her most important client’s husband-to-be .

In the end it’s the person she thought she knew best – herself – who surprises her the most. Join Scarlett as she tries, for the first time ever, to navigate life without a planScarlett is brilliant at organising – from her family to her job as a wedding planner, she loves the feeling of having things under control. Except that suddenly, things are slipping out of her hands – like the fact that her boyfriend, always so reliable, has suddenly taken himself off travelling. And that after a one-night stand, she discovers that she’s pregnant …From black and white, her life has exploded into glorious technicolour. Will Scarlett embrace the change? And will she find her own Red Butler?


About writing this book:

  “Becoming Scarlett was definitely the ‘difficult second album’. Of all the books, this one was the most difficult because there was ‘expectation’, something I’m not fond of. I prefer to come out of the long grasses and say ‘taaa-daaaa’. But there were people waiting for this one. Agents and editors and publishers and readers. My secret was out. My underbelly was exposed.”