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Rules of the Road
Irish Times Article
Published: May 2019
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What Love Means to Me
Woman & Home Article
Published: January 2015
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Me, Myself and I: with the author Ciara Geraghty
Irish Independent Article
Published: November 2014
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My Writing Room by Ciara GeraghtyArticle
Published: August 2014
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How I hit the play button after a long musical pause
Herald Article
Published: July 2014
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My Health – I’m saintly on weekdays
Irish Independent Article
Published: July 2014
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U Magazine interview

25 September 2011

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You Magazine

22 January 2011

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Short Stories

The clock is ten minutes fast. It always has been but Clare never changes it. It’s best to have things done too early than too late. Everything is in order. The children’s faces are shiny and pink. She washes their faces and hands every day at 5.45 p.m. Except Sunday of course. Seán doesn’t work on Sundays.She picks up their hands in turn, inspecting them. She notices the nails. The pinkness of them. She runs her fingers over them. Smooth and rounded at the top. They are her hands. Turning them, she smiles at the palms, small and fleshy. She burrows her nose into the folds and breathes…


A Tale Of Two Cauliflowers

(a true story)… My mother loves a bargain. She loves it the way people love a good book. Or a great glass of red wine. Or both of those things, at the same time, which happens to be my personal favourite. Gerry Maguire said he was ‘good in the livingroom.’ My mother is ‘super in the supermarket.’ Why buy one red pepper when you can…


The Big Woman

In Ireland, we wake our dead. We bring them home. We put them in the ‘good room.’ They lie in a coffin that is not yet closed. We talk to them. Touch their faces. Tell stories about them. Drink toasts to them. Cry for them. Cry for ourselves. There’s singing. There’s always singing. And praying. Decades of the rosary. Lines of Hail Marys. The four Mysteries; Luminous, Joyful. Glorious. Sorrowful. The dead are never alone during this vigil. It is…


The best Valentine’s Day EVER!!

The best Valentine’s Day happened a long time ago. As far back as 1982 in fact. And it’s been downhill from there. I was 12 years old and I loved a boy in my class. Handily enough, he loved me right back. I put this down to the fact that his mother was German, thus differentiating him from the other boys in my class who sniggered at that word, love, preferring instead to push and pinch the girls they disliked the least. I kissed him at a party once. A birthday party where the children were given…


The Smallest Elf
You know the way grown-ups always ask you what you want to be when you grow up? Well, I never had any problem answering that question. Because I always knew. I never had any doubts. I wanted to work for Father Christmas. In the workshop. You know the one. Where the Christmas toys are made. Even before I did my Elementary Elf exams – I passed them all! – mama says that I did nothing but talk about being one of Santa’s Elves. She says I dressed up like them, using green leaves that I found in the Fairy Fort at the bottom of our garden. Making…


The Stranger

IT HAPPENS in the confectionary aisle. There I am, dangling a fat bag of chocolate doughnuts over my basket. I’m fighting it, but feel my resolve stumble, my grip loosen, my arm lower, when I hear the voice. Maurice’s voice. I drop the bag like it’s on fire and pull the brim of my hat down around my face. For a moment, I do nothing. The voice is fainter now and I think he might be in aisle four. The frozen-food section…

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TV & Video

15.05.19 – Ciara talks about ‘Rules of the Road’ on Ireland AM

CLICK HERE to watch Ciara on Ireland AM - 15th May 2019


Ciara talks about ‘Now That I’ve Found You’


Readers give their reaction to ‘Finding Mr Flood’ and Ciara talks about the book!


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